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Trimark Sportswear Clothing and Product Catalogue for 2012. View the complete 2012 range from Trimark Sportswear and Roots73. See what new styles Trimark Sportswear and Roots73 have for you.

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icon index Unique finish that controls bacteria growth, prevents odours and maintains garment freshness. Moisture management is achieved at the YARN stage, where the microfine yarns create a capillary action to channel sweat away. A treatment applied to fabric that resists the formation of little balls or pills on the surface of the garment. The skillful blending of natural and man-made yarns results in fabrics that have easy care properties. Two materials are joined together, creating a composite fabric with enhanced performance. Protect yourself from wind and rain. This technology offers complete comfort in a variety of conditions. Stay warm and feel comfortable with a breathable insulated membrane, and resistance barrier to extreme elements. Three materials of differing characteristics, are joined together, creating a composite fabric with superior performance. Fabric content provides stretch allowing for a more comfortable fit. TALL FIT Fabric is engineered to prevent snagging. Unique yarns or fabric finishes that transport moisture to the outer surface. RELAXED FIT Microscopic water droplets are transported into the atmosphere and are dispersed into the air. Products allow moisture to escape from the body. A durable finish that is used on high cotton content fabrics to help retain a pressed appearance after many washings. Special tape is fused into shirt seams to give the seams a smooth, non-wrinkled appearance. A special finish used on blended content fabrics that resists a wrinkled appearance after washing many times. Fabric surface is treated to repel water. Fabric finishes are used to resist moisture penetration. Products made of waterproof materials and fully seam sealed to keep moisture out. Permanently covering the inner seams with waterproof tape for long lasting waterproof protection. Product helps prevent wind from penetrating. The product's ability to block cold air flow from permeating the fabric. The fabric sits closer to the body in the torso & sleeves for an athletic look. Insulation is added between the inside and outside of fabric of the garments for warmth. Generous cut with added ease allowing for a loose comfort. Inside opening for easy decorating access. Available only in Mens sizes, these garments have additional length in both the body and the sleeves.

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